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To purchase the products on the site, you will need to register as a user, entering personal data and data for shipments, in order to have a password to access the private area.


  • PayPal
    It is the safest and fastest online payment system, which provides for the opening of an account at www.paypal.com Concluding a purchase with this type of payment, a page of the PayPal site will appear where you can enter your e-mail address personal and password of your PayPal account, or access the procedure for creating a new one. After registration, payments can be made via PayPal without having to re-enter the data, even for subsequent purchases. By choosing to pay with PayPal, the amount is debited directly from the credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard ...) or prepaid (PostePay) assigned. PayPal also protects the buyer's information.
    A confirmation email from PayPal will be sent to each transaction performed with this method.
    The amount of the order is debited to the PayPal account at the time of order acquisition.
    In case of cancellation the amount is refunded to the customer's PayPal account.


For the issue of the invoice it is necessary to indicate during the registration process the type of customer, filling in the fields "VAT number", "Tax Code" and "Company". For customers who register as Private (omitting the three fields previously mentioned) a receipt will be issued.


Vogue Elite will deliver the products to the carrier within 24/48 working hours (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays excluded) from the payment of the total amount due, consisting of the purchase price of the product (s) and shipping costs if provided. The purchased goods will be delivered to the destination address specified by the customer in the purchase. The customer will receive an e-mail confirming the shipment, containing the confirmed data and the tracking number to monitor the product directly from the carrier's website. The customer is advised to always sign the courier consignment note "with reservation". Complaints regarding damage to the material due to the courier not signed with the aforementioned note cannot be resolved.
Inventories are not directly linked to the online site, therefore, it is possible that some products on the site are not currently available in stock.
In case of unavailability, even temporary, in the warehouse of the requested goods, Vogue Elite : within 48 working hours (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded) from the day of arrival of the payment confirmation e-mail will inform the customer via e-mail; as soon as possible, and in any case within thirty days from the day following the arrival of the confirmation e-mail, the customer will be reimbursed for the amounts eventually paid for the payment of the supply, unless the customer communicates in writing to Vogue Elite to wait for the product purchased.
upon written request from the customer, it will replace the goods with another one chosen by the buyer.

Any kind of delay in the delivery of the goods purchased is exclusively attributable to the shipper.
We remind our kind customers that the express courier service does not entail the obligation of the Vogue Elite to deliver the order within 48/72 hours. Shipment in 48 is guaranteed on single item orders and related to active promotions. Orders with a large number of items require more preparation and packaging time, so they may be delayed in shipping. Any delays do not result in the cancellation of the order.
Once the order has been placed, delivery cannot be rejected. Any deposits and returns will be debited exclusively to the customer (to withdraw from the purchase see DDR).

ATTENTION : It is the purchaser's duty to verify the integrity of the material received within and no later than 3 days (natural and consecutive) from the arrival of the product. After this term, Vogue Elite will no longer be responsible for damage, missing material or spare parts and replacement.

Vogue Elite delivers its products only in the following countries and at the following costs:

Ogni genere di ritardo relativo alla consegna della merce acquistata è imputabile esclusivamente allo spedizioniere.
Si ricorda la gentilissima clientela che il servizio di spedizione con corriere espresso non comporta l'obbligo da parte della Vogue Elite di recapitare l'ordine entro le 48/72 ore. La spedizione in 48 viene garantita su ordini monoarticolo e inerenti a promozioni attive. Gli ordini con elevato numero di articoli richiedono maggior tempo di preparazione e imballaggio, pertanto possono subire ritardi nella spedizione. Eventuali ritardi non comportano l'annullamento dell'ordine.
Una volta effettuato l'ordine la consegna non può essere respinta. Eventuali giacenze e rientri verranno addebitati esclusivamente al cliente (per recedere dall'acquisto vedi D.D.R.).

ATTENZIONE: E' dovere dell'acquirente verificare l'integrità del materiale ricevuto entro e non oltre 3 giorni (naturali e consecutivi) dall'arrivo del prodotto. Dopo tale termine Vogue Elite non sarà più responsabile per danneggiamento, mancanza materiale o parti di ricambio e sostituzione.

VogueElite.com consegna i propri prodotti solo nei seguenti Paesi ed ai seguenti costi:

PAESE costo_spedizione

Arabia Saudita

40 Euros


40 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


27 Euros


35 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros

Emirati Arabi Uniti

35 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


35 Euros


8 Euros

Hong Kong

35 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros

Paesi Bassi

8 Euros


8 Euros

Porto Rico

40 Euros


8 Euros

Regno Unito

8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


20 Euros

San Marino

8 Euros


35 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros

Stati Uniti

10 Euros


8 Euros


8 Euros

5. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL - ART. 64 D.LGS. N. 206 of 06/09/2005

As required by Legislative Decree n. 206 of 06/09/2005, the customer (natural person who, in the stipulation of the contract, acted for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial or professional activity carried out) of Vogue Elite has the right to withdraw from the contract.

The right of withdrawal, which provides for the possibility for the Customer to return the purchased product and to obtain the relative reimbursement, is recognized only in favor of the natural persons who, in the stipulation of the contract, have acted for purposes unrelated to the business or professional activity eventually carried out. The right of withdrawal must be exercised within 30 days (natural and consecutive) from receipt of the goods. The right of withdrawal does not apply to audiovisual products and computer software sealed open by the consumer nor to the supply of goods made to specifications or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

The only costs requested by the Customer in the event of withdrawal are those for returning the product.

The withdrawal is not validly exercised, and therefore does not give the right to the total reimbursement of the price, if the product is not returned substantially intact, as for example in the cases of:

  • ack of the original packaging (it is therefore advisable to keep the original packaging of the product at least until the end of the withdrawal period);
  • absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, cables, instruction manuals, etc.);
  • damage to the product for reasons other than transportation;
  • state of conservation of the non-normal product.

The right of withdrawal can be exercised only with regard to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the product purchased (eg: accessories, software attachments, etc.).

Here are the 5 steps to exercise the right of withdrawal:

  1. Within 30 days (natural and consecutive) from receipt of the goods, the Customer must send to Vogue Elite, Via Marconi, 3 - 47863 Novafeltria (RN) by registered letter, or by e-mail to the address: assistenza@vogueelite.com the downloadable withdrawal form filled out in all its parts in which it communicates the will to withdraw from the contract.
  2. The Customer must prepare the product, carefully packing it in its original packaging (including internal protections) avoiding to damage it with adhesive labels or other items, complete with all the accessories supplied and the contents originally.
  3. Send the goods to be returned to Vogue Elite Via Marconi, 3 - 47863 Novafeltria (RN)
  4. The shipping costs for returning the goods are charged to the Customer. We advise you to insure the shipment against theft, loss or transport damage. If the product is not insured, charged to the customer, in case of damage or loss during transport, Vogue Elite reserves the right to charge for any damages incurred.
  5. The shipment by the Customer must take place by Courier within the fourteen days following the Customer's declaration of withdrawal.

Upon receipt of the goods, Vogue Elite will verify its integrity and reimburse the Customer for the amount of the purchased good, with the exclusion of the forwarding costs.
The refund will be made by bank transfer, to the current account indicated by the Customer in the withdrawal form, or by credit card or paypal depending on the payment method used in the order. The reimbursement will be made within fourteen days of receipt by Vogue Elite of the withdrawal notice, except for the non-receipt of the returned product. In the event of damage to the goods during transport, Vogue Elite will notify the Customer of what happened (within five working days from receipt of the product in its warehouses), to allow the Customer to promptly file a complaint against the Courier chosen by him and obtain reimbursement of the value of the product (if insured by the Customer).
Outside of the hypotheses of correct exercise of the right of withdrawal in the terms disciplined in the present article, Vogue Elite reserves the right to recognize the Customer - in an exceptional way and at its sole discretion - the right to withdraw from the contract in the period between the thirtieth and the sixtieth day of receipt of the goods, subject to its express acceptance.
In this case, Vogue Elite is expressly granted the right to request payment of an amount pursuant to art. 1382 of the Italian Civil Code as a penalty equal to 30% of the cost of the product (s) purchased, net of shipping costs, cash on delivery and storage, in addition to the extraordinary management fee of a fixed amount equal to Euro 10.00 (ten / 00), except for the greater damage.


Vogue Elite is liable to the consumer customer (natural person who, in the stipulation of the contract, acted for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial or professional activity performed) for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the goods (articles 128-135 of Legislative Decree No. 206 of 06/09/2005).

A legal guarantee in favor of the consumer covers the lack of conformity, existing at the time of delivery of the goods, which occurred within two years of delivery of the goods. The lack of conformity must be communicated, under penalty of forfeiture, within two months from the date on which the consumer discovered the defect. The action against the seller is in any case prescribed within twenty-six months of delivery of the goods. The guarantee is not applicable, for example, in case of negligence, carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product, connection of the product to electrical systems or any other non-compliant type.
The risk of loss or damage to the goods, for reasons not attributable to the seller, is transferred to the consumer only when the latter, or a third party designated by him and different from the carrier, enters into physical possession of the goods.
Any external damage to the packaging must be immediately reported to the Courier by affixing it to the delivery receipt of a RESERVED SPECIFIC DAMAGE RESERVE. As required by current legislation, the maximum term for reporting transport damage to Vogue Elite is 8 days from receipt.
In case of lack of conformity, the consumer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement, or to an adequate reduction in the price or termination of the contract, according to the provisions of art. 130 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.

Here are the 3 steps to communicate the lack of conformity

Riportiamo le 3 fasi per comunicare il difetto di conformità

  1. Within two months from the discovery of the defect and in any case within a maximum period of twenty-six months from receipt of the goods, the Customer must send Vogue Elite , Via Marconi, 3 - 47863 Novafeltria (RN), by registered mail, or by e-mail to address: assistenza@vogueelite.com the downloadable form completed in all its parts in which it requires the elimination of the lack of conformity with Vogue Elite.
  2. Once the communication has been received, the Vogue Elite Customer Service will contact the Customer to communicate how to send the product.
  3. The customer must prepare the product carefully packed (possibly in its original packaging and in this case avoiding damage to it with adhesive labels or other) and complete with everything originally contained.

Vogue Elite will send its own Courier to pick up the product without any additional cost for the Customer. Once the product returned by the Customer has been checked, Vogue Elite will arrange for replacement or repair and will proceed with the shipment of the product, except as provided by art. 130 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.
Vogue Elite tries to carry out the aforementioned procedure in the least possible time trying to cause the customer the least inconvenience.
For this purpose, Vogue Elite relies on the collaboration of leading transport companies that guarantee care, efficiency and speed of shipments; shipments are insured against damage and theft in order to guarantee the customer maximum peace of mind.


The customer can submit complaints to::
Vogue Elite , Via Marconi, 3 - 47863 Novafeltria (RN);
e-mail: assistenza@vogueelite.com


The Customer undertakes, once the purchase procedure has been completed, to print and keep the present general conditions, which, moreover, will have already viewed and accepted as an obligatory step in the online order shipping phase. This in order to fully satisfy the condition of art. 53 of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 06/09/2005.
It is expressly forbidden to make double entries corresponding to a single person or enter data of third parties.
It is also forbidden for minors to register.
Vogue Elite reserves the right to prosecute all violations and abuses, in the interest and for the protection of all consumers.


Vogue Elite promotes its products through the website and advertising emails. For all those who are subscribed to the mailing list and wish to stop receiving advertising emails, send an email to assistenza@vogueelite.com with the request for cancellation from the promotional mailing list.


In relation to the aforementioned purposes, the processing of personal data takes place by computer and electronic means with logics strictly related to the purposes indicated and, in any case, so as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data. The processing may be carried out on behalf of Vogue Elite , with the same methods and criteria mentioned above, by third parties that provide data processing services or perform complementary or necessary activities for the execution of the services and operations requested by the user. These third parties will from time to time be appointed Data Processors on behalf of Vogue Elite ..


The data will be kept by Vogue Elite or by the associated companies. For more information, see the site's privacy policy


Vogue Elite announces that the Reg. 2016/679 / UE confers to the interested parties of the treatment that they provide their personal data specific rights. In particular, the user can obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of his personal data from the data controller or any manager and that such data is made available to him in an intelligible form. The interested party may also request to know the origin of the data as well as the logic and purposes on which the processing is based; obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law as well as updating, rectification or, if interest exists, integration of data; oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing itself.


The data controller is Vogue Elite . with registered office in Via Marconi, 3 - 47863 Novafeltria (RN). For any communication concerning the processing of data carried out by Vogue Elite , the interested party may contact the Head of personal data processing Vogue Elite at the following address: assistenza@vogueelite.com


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